2x2 Ad Network

For statewide advertisers who wish to place an economical display ad, Real Access Media Placement (RAMP) offers the Oregon 2x2 Network program. With a single order, you can place a small display ad in most of Oregon's daily and non-daily newspapers.

2x2 Network ad is small display ad that is equivalent to four column inches in either vertical or horizontal format:

Horizontal Vertical
Width = 3.22" and 3.875"
Height = 2 inches
Width = 1.528" and 1.875"
Height = 4 inches

Please provide both widths indicated to ensure a good fit in all participating papers.

2x2 Network ads allow you complete control over the design of your ad. You can use any size and style of type plus logos and other graphics. Your local newspaper can help you with artwork and typesetting.

2x2 Network ads are sold by participating newspapers as well as by the RAMP staff in Lake Oswego, OR. Each Wednesday, participating newspapers receive advertising in camera-ready or digital format. Your ad will appear once each week in each participating newspaper. Non-daily newspapers will run the ad on their regular publication day (usually Wednesday or Thursday), and daily newspapers will use the ad where it is best suited for their individual markets, usually Thursday or Friday.

We prefer that 2x2 Network ads be submitted to RAMP digitally (in PDF format;), but we will also accept camera-ready prints. All ads must adhere to the content acceptance guidelines. RAMP reserves the right to reject ads that are not in compliance with state and federal regulations or that are in poor taste, offensive, false, misleading, deceptive, or otherwise unacceptable. Participating newspapers have agreed to run any ad that is accepted by RAMP unless it violates a specific newspaper policy.

The cost of a 2x2 Network ad is $775, payable in advance with a cashier's check, money order, or Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Payment must be received by 5pm Tuesday Pacific Time for ad insertion the following week.



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