Annual Member Contests

2023 ONPA Contests

The 2023 ONPA Contest site will start accepting entries on February 6, 2023.

♦ Better Newspaper Contest (Award Presentation) (Award Winners)

♦ Associate Member Contest (Award Presentation) (Award Winners)

♦ General Excellence (Award Presentation) (Award Winners)

♦ Best Ad Ideas Contest (More to come!)

♦ Collegiate Contest

General Excellence- 

This year the General Excellence category will be based on a point system. The winner of this award will be the publication that earns the highest number of points accumulated from winning other categories. The first place winner in a category will receive 3 points, Second place receives 2 points, and Third place receives 1 point.  


First place:

The Commuter- Linn Benton CC

45 points


Second place:

Oregon Daily Emerald

42 points


Third place:

The Advocate-MHCC

24 points




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