Legal & Legislative Issues

ONPA's Legislative Platform

The legislative efforts of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association shall be directed to advance, preserve, and protect the interests of newspapers that serve the communities and people of Oregon. These efforts include the following areas of interest:

1. Freedom to gather the news.
We will work to remove any obstacle that interferes with our ability to photograph and speak to people about newsworthy events, to inspect and copy public documents in any form (electronic, printed, photographic) generated by government entities, to be present at meetings and activities of governmental entities, to follow the use of public funds to entities receiving those public funds, and to contact any other source of newsworthy information.

2. Freedom to publish news, information, and advertising.
We will protect the right to control the content of our publications, including the right to publish or not publish information and advertising whether brought to us, purchased or sold by our employees and authorized agents, or gathered by our news staff or agents. We will protect our right to gather, edit, and publish the news without interference.

3. Freedom from restrictions on distribution of the news.
We will protect the right to distribute our publications without interference from governmental entities, corporations, or private individuals.

4. Publication of notices to the public.
One responsibility of government entities in our free society is to inform the public, not merely those directly involved, of its activities affecting citizens. Publication of notices in local newspapers is the best way to insure public notification to those interested. While electronic publishing of notices may supplement newspaper notice, electronic publication does not provide broad dissemination of such notice to the general public.

5. Minimization of the burden of government in the commerce of publishing.
Recognizing the legitimate burden of social responsibility and financial support of local, state, and federal governments, we seek to minimize the regulations and restrictions on our operations and the taxes imposed on our industry.

Legal Hotline

ONPA members have free access to legal information on specific issues by contacting Jack Orchard in Portland, 503-228-2525.



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